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Raum Paris 10:15 - 11:45 04.10.2015
Symposium So12
Endothelial Cell Transplantation and Regeneration: State of the Art and Future Prospects
Vorsitzende/r: Gerd Geerling (Düsseldorf), Thomas Reinhard (Freiburg)

Aim of this session is to discuss new prospects for transplantation and regeneration of the corneal endothelium. Especially new developments in the field of endothelial cell transplantation as well as induction of regeneration of endothelial cells in vivo will be discussed.
Referent/in: Thomas Reinhard (Freiburg)
Referent/in: Stefan Schrader (Düsseldorf)
The aim of this talk is to discuss the important determinants, which may decide between success and failure in DMEK surgery. Especially the role of surgical experience, graft preparation, quality of donor material, surgical technique and postoperative treatment will be discussed.
Referent/in: Hannah Levis (Liverpool)
Treatment for corneal endothelial failure currently requires replacement of endothelial tissue with a one donor–one recipient strategy. A shortage of donor tissue has led to the production of grafts using in vitro expanded endothelial cells on an appropriate substrate. We have developed both collagen based and novel synthetic poly-Ɛ-lysine based substrates with functionalised peptide surfaces to enhance endothelial cell adhesion. These bio-synthetic grafts could be suitable for transplantation to replace failed endothelium.
Referent/in: Gerd Geerling (Düsseldorf)
Referent/in: Naoki Okumura (Kyoto)
Referent/in: Thomas Armin Fuchsluger (Erlangen)
This talks provides an overview of possibilities to target corneal endothelial cells by viral and non-viral vectors. Different options of DNA or RNA treatment of the endothelial cells are presented.