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Saal 2 14:30 - 16:00 03.10.2015
Symposium Sa21
Twinning concept in international ophthalmology – Symposium der Sektion DOG-Internationale Ophthalmologie
Vorsitzende/r: Rudolf F. Guthoff (Rostock), Adrian Hopkins (Decatur), Volker Klauß (München)

Following the successful partnership Nairobi Munich, several similar structures have been developed with different stages of maturity and continuity. In recent years new promising partnerships have been established. This symposium will serve as a platform to exchange ideas and experiences and to identify new stakeholders.
Referent/in: Jefitha Karimurio (Nairobi)
The Department of Ophthalmology of the University of Nairobi at Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya was created in 1978 with support from DAAD and the Augen Clinic Munich. Thereafter, many other links and collaborations have been created. By 2014, the Department has trained 186 ophthalmologists. Teaching staff has increased from 3 foreign to 14 local lecturers. Moreover, the Department is a founder institution of the College of Ophthalmologists of Eastern Central and Southern African (COECSA).
Referent/in: Than Htun Aung (Yangon)
International twinning partnerships offer the opportunity to provide advice, expertise, support and technology transfer to developing ones in order to help them overcome the challenges facing them. There is mutual benefit for all concerned. Myanmar is one of the developing regions in South East Asia and twinning partnerships are obviously found to be highly effective at attempting to improve its eye care services during the last decade.
Referent/in: Dereje Woyessa (Addis Ababa)
Ophthalmology department of Addis Ababa University has been giving training, services and research on the area for the three decades. To accomplish these activities, the department is working with the partners like CBM German, Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP) since 2014 and ORBIS international in the past 10 years. CBM has been working activity as a partner with the department since 1999G.C. CMB is supporting us with surgical machines and consumables, funding for ophthalmic residents community based research and sponsors for one staff to attend annual COECSA meeting.
Kursreferent: Irmela Erdmann (Lomé)
The 15 member states of West African Economic Community consists of three linguistic blocks - francophone, anglophone and lusophone - very diverse. This includes experience with international collaborations. Several colleagues were asked to give feedback of their experience as well as expectations from an international partnership which will be presented.
Referent/in: Kaushick Biswas (Kolkata, West Bengal)
Twinning is a partnership between two clinics or universities or may be between a clinic or NGO and an individual ophthalmologist for enhanced knoledge,technology and skill transfer and exchange for better ophthalmic service in different locations of the world. Main aim of it is to provide advanced eye care in underprivilaged area. India offers many hands on training centres in cataract surgery for overseas ophthalmologist.with vast patient population India offers many joint clinical research projects and possibilities to learn tropical ophthalmic diseases
Referent/in: Eric Njikam (Madurai)
Referent/in: Abubakar Tafida (Dutse)