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Saal 2 08:30 - 10:00 04.10.2015
Symposium So04
Tb or not Tb? The dilemma of diagnosing intraocular Tuberculosis – Symposium der Sektion DOG-Uveitis
Vorsitzende/r: Manfred Zierhut (Tübingen)

Ocular Tuberculosis affects about 2% of patients in specialized uveitis centers in non-endemic countries. Nonetheless it is of utmost importance to recognize that the disease as management is completely different from non-infectious uveitis. With the current von Szily lecturer Amod Gupta we have the leading expert on the field opening a symposium on this topic which we hope will close gaps in knowledge and open a fruitful discussion on how to handle these patients in our care.
Referent/in: Manfred Zierhut (Tübingen)
A positive blood test for tuberculosis (Tb) in a patient with uveitis is not necessarily saying that this patient suffers from ocular Tb. Latent Tb is still frequent in the older German Population and in younger patients from endemic countries. Should a lengthy and risky treatment be based on a blood Test alone? Data from the current literature will be shown to help clinicians decide when and whom to test for Tb.
Referent/in: Sabine Rüsch-Gerdes (Borstel)
Referent/in: Stefan Zimmermann (Heidelberg)
Referent/in: Christoph Deuter (Tübingen)
Referent/in: Amod Gupta (Chandigarh)
Diagnosis of Tuberculous uveitis remains a major challenge in the absence of demonstration of Mycobacterium tuberculosis organisms from the ocular fluids. A probable or possible diagnosis can be made by demonstration of either a focus of extraocular tuberculosis or immunological evidence of infection. Multiplex PCR from ocular fluids though highly specific, has limitations of low sensitivity. Sensitivity may be improved by selecting patients with clinical signs highly suggestive of tuberculous uveitis.